Found Your Dream House? Here Are 5 Ways to Know for Sure.

For Home Buyers

Looking for and then finally finding your dream house is a seriously good feeling, but with all of the bidding wars and pressure to buy without conditions or without being able to look over a house very thoroughly, how do you know for sure that you’ve found your dream house and that you should put an offer in?

Here are 5 fun ways to know for sure that everyone important in your life loves it, and it’s probably time to get serious about buying it:

1. The very first time your dog sees the place, it’s all like:

2. The very first time your kids see the place, they’re all like:

3. The very first time your partner sees the place, they’re all like:

4. The very first time your mother-in-law sees the place, she’s all like:

5. The very first time you see the place, and after you’ve seen everyone else’s reaction, you’re all like:

Ok. So obviously this is meant to be fun and isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. When you’re actually buying a house, condo, or whatever your dream house is, there are a bunch of other things you’ll want to consider besides just loving it; but being happy and loving it is still a really important piece of the real estate buying puzzle 🙂

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