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Buying vs Renting After A Divorce

For Home Buyers

If you're going through a divorce you’ll need to start thinking about where you will live next and whether you wish to rent or buy.

How to Decide Who Keeps the Home After a Divorce

For Home Owners

Deciding who gets to stay in the matrimonial home is easier said than done. In reality, your home is so much more than a piece of property. It’s where you’ve built countless memories ...

Tips For Organzing a Family Move

For Home Sellers

Whether you have children or are living with parents, organizing a smooth transition for you and your family takes open communication, forethought, and lots of patience. 

Probate & Real Estate in Ontario

For Home Sellers

When someone close to you passes away, such as a family member, you may be tasked with unique responsibilities - like selling their home.

Can You Buy Out Your Partner During A Divorce?

For Home Buyers

To say that going through a divorce is difficult would be a massive understatement. In addition to being a major life change and an extremely emotional process, divorce also means dealing with a whole host ...