Sometimes, after they’ve moved into their new homes, my clients ask me questions about decorating and purchasing furniture and fixtures, and while I’m certainly not an expert on decorating interior spaces, I did recently do some serious hunting for furniture, fixtures, and lighting with my friend Lisa at AtHomme when we were planning out the interior decorating for my home and office. Out of all the ones we visited, here are my top 5 favorite Toronto furniture stores:

5. EQ3 in Liberty Village


EQ3 is a beautiful Toronto furniture store that carries a little of everything. From elegant pendant lighting and unique floor lamps to classy sectionals and space-saving apartment-sized sofas, EQ3 is worht visiting if you’re in the market for some higher end furniture.



IKEA Toronto Furniture Stores

Yes. I know. It’s IKEA. But no matter whose house you go to, you’re likely to find at least one thing from IKEA. Even when we decorated our office, we purchased a couple of beautiful wood dining tables that serve as large desks. If you need to purchase furniture (and just about anything else for your home), and you’re on a budget, IKEA is a great Toronto furniture store to keep on your list of places to visit.

3. Design Republic

Design Republic

Design Republic carries a ton of interesting and unusal industrial and vintage pieces that you can really only find there. And if you’re looking for something more specific to you, they also offer customization services for seating, dining, and more.


2. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware Toronto furniture stores

Restoration Hardware isn’t a unique Toronto furniture store; they have tons of locations. But it’s totally worth mentioning since it carries so much fantastic furniture with restoration characteristics. All of the items are new, but they look like something thing that was lovingly brought back to life.


1. Homesense

Homesense Toronto

Homesense is really fantastic place to pick up really unique items for a really great price. The best thing about it? They change what they have in stock almost everyday, so every trip there you’re bound to find something new. For the price and unique selection, it’s very easily my favourite Toronto furniture store.


Did I miss any Toronto furniture stores that you like? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Design Republic and EQ3 are just the best! I’ll have to check out Restoration Hardware. Thanks for the list.

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