7 More Places to Visit in Toronto with People From Out of Town

For Neighbourhood Explorers

Living in Toronto and have people coming to visit you? Most likely, those people will expect you to play tour guide a bit and show them around while they’re in town. I wrote a blog post awhile ago about where to take people that are visiting you from out of town, but some of them were a little too predictable, so here are 7 more places you should think about taking people that are visiting you:


7. Go to The ROM.


| Great exhibits, tons to explore and see, and all within one of the most interesting buildings in the city; there’s so much to like about the ROM. Whether your visitors are into photography, history, art, or pretty much anything else, the ROM provides something for just about everyone and every interest.

6. Go to Chester Hill Lookout.

| Chester Hill Lookout provides an excellent and very different skyline view of the city than what people are used to seeing, all from a place that is a little bit of a Toronto secret; a lot of people don’t know this place even exists. With the city skyline ahead and the Don Valley traffic humming below you, the Chester Hill Lookout has an strangely tranquil feel to it and provides a great place to survey the beauty of our city.

5. Go on a tour of the Steam Whistle Brewery.


| A tour of the Steam Whistle Brewery is a pretty cool experience. Did you know that their green initiatives in place at the Roundhouse Building (where Steam Whistle is brewed) includes using water piped from Lake Ontario to cool the brewery? Everyone will learn that and much more on their fully-guided tour of the brewery to see how Steam Whistle’s Pilsner is made, which includes a pint and a couple option of things to take home with you. The tours get pretty busy though, so you’ll probably want to book this one in advance if you decide to check it out.

4. Go to Evergreen Brickworks.


| Evergreen Brickworks is an environmental initiatives centre with a goal of helping the city’s residents live, play, and work more sustainably. While that might not sound too exciting, this place actually is. With everything from local Farmer’s Markets and ecology gardens to a DIY bike space and clay-working shop, it’s a great place to get excited about living a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle in the city.

3. Go to the Cloud Gardens Conservatory.

Cloud Gardens

| Sitting deep within the city’s business core and office towers, the Cloud Gardens Conservatory is a lush little tropical forest full of attractive plantlife and water features. It’s beautifully maintained, free to visit, and it’s nice place to escape the city and enjoy nature.

2. Go to The Old Mill.


| While there isn’t really a ton to do there, The Old Mill has always been a place I’ve found interesting. Hidden next to the Humber River just west of Bloor West Village, it feels like you’re visiting a little town in the English countryside. The Old Mill is actually a luxury hotel and spa, but even if that’s not your thing, it’s a nice little spot to visit, walk around, and enjoy the beautiful English garden environment and historic buildings.

1. Go to Riverdale Farm.


| Who doesn’t want to visit a fully-functioning, 18-century, 7.5 acre farm right in downtown Toronto? You can expect to see everything from your typical farm animals to historic 18th century farm architecture all connected by well-maintained walking trails.

So there you have it; 7 more places to visit in Toronto with people from out of town. Did I miss anything that you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Chester Hill Lookout is a great place to mention on this list. I live on the Danforth, and it’s one of my favourite places to see the city skyline.

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