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Did you know that the Valhalla condo development in Etobicoke used to be a hotel? It’s true. Until 2009, a kitschy motor inn used to stand in its place.

At the Valhalla Inn, you could sit at the bar and watch women dressed as mermaids splash around in the pool. You could see deer frolic in the courtyard, or just admire the Scandanavian-inspired architecture.

It’s hard to imagine. If you’ve driven past Valhalla lately, you know that 1 Valhalla Inn Rd, 5 Valhalla Inn Rd, and 9 Valhalla Inn Rd are all now a trio of modern, glass-fronted condos.

But there’s a lot about those three glass towers that you might not know. Here are five things that will have you looking at this condo development differently.


1) Its name comes from Norse mythology

The Valhalla condo development was named after the hotel that used to stand in its place. But where did the hotel get its name? From Norse mythology, oddly enough.

In Old Norse, Valhalla is a splendid palace where slain warriors go after they die. You can bet that the developer of the Valhalla Inn, Edmund Peachey, knew all about it. While designing the hotel, he was inspired by a trip he’d taken to Scandinavia.

Was the Valhalla Inn heaven on earth? It probably depends on who you ask. But the residents who live on-site today might describe their luxury condos that way.


2)  It’s full of old artifacts

A bar carved into the shape of a viking ship. Custom light fixtures. Even some of the glass panels from the Mermaid Bar. These are a just a few of the kitschy artifacts that were salvaged from the Valhalla Inn. Today, you can find them in and around the Valhalla condos, identified by stainless steel plaques.

The site’s new developers didn’t stop there. As a tribute to the old hotel, they recreated pieces of it. If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of the Valhalla towers from the highway, you’ve probably noticed one of these creations: peaks from the once-iconic roof from the inn’s Nordic Dining Room.


3) The courtyard is gorgeous

For condo dwellers in the GTA, green space is at a premium. Valhalla has it in spades.

The development’s three towers are built on a landscaped podium. They all look out onto one courtyard, which is the focal point of the development. With its carefully-cultivated greenery and lighting, this space is set up to look like the urban gardens found in Europe’s great central squares. The view is (in a word) impressive.


4)  It’s the definition of luxury

Valhalla has more that just quickly, historic charm—it’s also luxurious. Take the development’s recently-completed tower, Triumph at Valhalla.

Condos at Triumph feature extravagant floor-to-ceiling windows and walk-in closets. The amenities are also top-notch: extensive pool facilities, a yoga and pilates studio, a fully-equipped fitness centre, BBQ and party areas…the list goes on. Residents are welcomed by a 24/7 concierge service. And thanks to a private shuttle service that goes to popular destinations, getting around is a breeze.


5)  It’s seriously affordable

Some home hunters believe there’s no affordable housing left in the GTA. That’s simply not true.

Condos at Triumph at Valhalla range in price from the low $200,000s to the low $600,000s. You read that right. And these units aren’t short on space, either. Starting at 541 sq-ft in size, they go all the way up to 1,237 sq-ft.

At these price points, you might not expect to get more than a roof over your head. Luckily, Valhalla is one of many places in the Toronto area where you can get comfort, spaciousness, and luxury—all without breaking the bank.


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