5 Reasons Why West Queen West Really is the Second Coolest Street in the World

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It’s a good time to be Toronto! Just when you thought the city couldn’t get any cooler, Vogue magazine goes and names Toronto’s West Queen West as the second coolest street in the world, and it was the only Canadian street to make the list! Here’s are 5 reasons why I agree with them:

5. There is so much cool, and sometimes unexplainable, commissioned street art that the neighbourhood proudly shows off.


4. It’s home to the Gladstone, the Drake, and tons of completely independent coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries, patisseries, and much more.


3. The people here aren’t afraid to go their own way and do their own thing, no matter how strange it may seem to some.


2. It’s so accepting of people just as they are; no matter what they do or what they believe in, West Queen West welcomes them.


1. If you happen to live or work there, then you already know that it really is a great community and welcoming neighbourhood to call home.


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