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Not so long ago, buying a home in South Etobicoke wasn’t a difficult experience. You could take your time, look at a few different homes for sale, and make a conditional offer when you were ready; but times have changed, and now, you need to act quickly if you want to buy a home in the area. Here’s why:

The Secret is Out!

With close proximity to major highways, big box stores, beautiful parks, sandy beaches, and public transit, everything you could want is nearby; and with development projects springing up all over the place, like Alderidge, BLine Condos, and Minto Longbranch, it’s obvious that more and more people are figuring out that South Etobicoke is a great place to live. It’s changed a lot over the years, and with all of these new people moving into the area, it’s only going to get better and more developed.


Demand is Rising, and Inventory is Falling

When a house in South Etobicoke goes up on the market, much like the rest of the city, it gets purchased really quickly; often within just a few days of being listed. Demand is high, and that’s making it difficult for those wanting to get into the area.

That, and the combination of it being such a great place to live, and high prices in the city affecting people not knowing where to go when they do sell, there just isn’t a lot for sale in South Etobicoke right now. And of course, that short supply of homes for sale is really driving prices up, and it’s only becoming increasingly difficult to buy a home here without paying substantially over the asking price.


So What Can You Do?

If you want to buy a home in South Etobicoke, you need to have a fairly simple plan in place: know what you want, and be ready to act once you find it. Find yourself in a bidding war come offer night? Here’s how you can win.


Want to know about the area from a South Etobicoke real estate agent that actually lives here? Just give me a call at: 647-239-7587.

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